I dream to swimsuits

Romania is under snowdrifts Oh, and I think the sea. I want summer vacation, I want big. I like winter, but not over a long period, not exceeding one month and then I walk straight into the summer season.
I want to be summer all the time, but that would require me to move :)

 I am thinking about, StyleWe triangl swimwear and can not wait to wear it in summer. I was attracted to this old swimsuit model, but I had the courage to wear.

I must be,  just fashion now. If i  want to be fashionable, then I need to wear trendy things, but that benefits me.
The pantyhose, I think it suits me perfectly, I'm having a little tummy.

 Anyway I'm sure I will make headlines in the summer on the beach
 StyleWe I found on other models swimsuit, but not only. If you want the summer to be all right, I can start shopping now on, because anyway orders get a little harder.

 These are the other two swimsuits, which I liked a lot and who would wear them with great pleasure.

Country burns, and the old woman is combing. Romanian proverb reads one, and so am I now. We are in the winter and I'm looking for swimwear and dream of summer.

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