I am a crazy Bandeau lover, especially in Summer!!! 
I see soooooo many girls wearing dress on the street.  I love dresses as well. 
But I really wanna become different sometimes, so I put on my White Lace Bandeaus.
It is just perfect for summer.  No matter the color or the design.  I become more confident and happier when wearing it.  My bf says that I am a charming modern princess.  Many people looked at me on the street too.  Hehe, I love the feeling!!

So let’s have a look at my Lace Bandeau. 
Its full name is Neck Strap Embellished White Lace Bandeau at Romwe.
As you can see, it features a neck strap with 4 strips link to the front.  There are beads embellished on all straps.  Also, hollow-out lace covers the body all over.

It is easy to go with ANYTHING!!!
Sometimes, I pair it with my denim or floral shorts.  Sometimes, my floral skirt.  It can even go well with my galaxy leggings as well.  One piece, 4 or more looks!!  I always put on your cool sun glasses at the same time. 

I also found other White Corset at Romwe.  It looks much simpler than mine. 

Btw, I discovered the Floral Bustier at Romwe.  It is a big floral bow!!!!!!!
I couldn’t help but fall in love with it immediately.  It is soooo beautiful and special.
Have you ever tried such amazing baby?